What in the World

What in the World takes you on a personal tour of Earth. Simply browse the map to get a glimpse of local life anywhere, plus weather and local time. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to see what life looks like in the rest of the world.

Explore the planet in a new way and see things like:

  • An elephant's eye in Northern India
  • Llamas in Peru
  • Skyscrapers in Urumqi
  • Vineyards in France
  • Crazy sculptures in Pyongyang (bet you thought you'd never see North Korea!)
  • Always wanted to go to Paris? Drop in and check out “les croissants” at a local bakery!

Now you can virtually travel to every place that intrigues you.

Drop a pin in the map and check out local life through the lens of other regular folks like yourself!

What in the World makes easy to see the world from the comfort of your own iPad or iPhone!

For support with What in the World please email us.

On the iPad (click to see full size) On the iPhone