GoBingo! lets you create and play customized GoBingo! games with your students. Interactive play with up to 16 iPads connected to the teacher’s iPad allows the teacher to see each student's board. (GoBingo! uses iPad's Bluetooth so no network is needed in your classroom.)
** Comes with sets of game boards for alphabet, animals, Dolch sight words, state capitals, multiplication

Tailor your teaching!

  • Unleash your creativity by designing games to hold your students’ interest in learning

Cover any subject!

  • Establish unlimited sets of GoBingo! games on any topic: multiplication, animals, state capitals to create any game you can imagine


  • With Success Mode(SM) students can only tap on the correct bingo space
  • Two card modes allow switch between 3 x 3 and 5 x 5 sized boards to allow students with physical, visual and learning challenges to enjoy successful participation

Adapt to your students!

  • Customized play for each student to accommodate all abilities
  • Teachers can choose whether individual students can see pictures and whether GoBingo! announces "Bingo"
  • Students beginning to recognize sight words may not need pictorial aids
  • More advanced students may need the challenge of seeing only the words
  • Easily create printable versions of GoBingo! cards for non iPad play


  • You create the questions and GoBingo! creates a set of unique boards for you
  • During interactive play mode GoBingo! reorders all questions so games vary for each round

For support with GoBingo please email us.