GoBingo Features

  • General Features
    Create your own Gameboards
    Choose your topic then add questions and answers to your heart's content. There is no limit to the number of questions.
    Several Sets of Gameboards
    GoBingo comes with some sets of gameboards to make it easy to start playing right away. Here are the sets delivered with the original version:
    • Alphabet -- Complete set of English letters for early learners
    • Animals -- Pictures and names
    • Dolch Pre-Primer Words -- words only
    • Dolch Primer Words -- words only
    • Dolch First Grade Words -- words only
    • Dolch Second Grade Words -- words only
    • Dolch Third Grade Words -- words only
    • Dolch Nouns -- words only
    • Multiplication Questions -- a set of single digit multiplication problems
    • State Capitals -- all 50 U.S. states
    • Tennessee Questions -- a set of 52 trivia questions with pictures
    Generate Printable Gameboards
    Not every classroom is full of iPads. We get that. So you can email a printable document that contains your questions and 30 unique gameboards. You can print and use these with your students. Here's an example.
    Track questions as they're called
    GoBingo shows you a set of questions in order. You can tap each question as it is called in order to remember which questions you've called. When you "Reset" a game then GoBingo reorders the questions.

    The on-screen mini-gameboards show you where players should have tiles on their boards.
  • Interactive Play Features
    When you have multiple iPads available then GoBingo can use iPad's Bluetooth technology to have a "teacher" and a group of "players". The teacher can see each player's board on her iPad. Also, the teacher can choose settings that are appropriate for each individual player.
    Teacher sees players' boards
    As each player covers tiles on their board the teacher can see the same representation on her iPad.
    Player sees pictures
    The teacher can control whether any player is able to see pictures on the gameboard, when pictures are available. In any group of players there are different levels of abilities. Challenge more advanced players by hiding the pictures.
    Announce Bingo
    Challenge some learners to identify by themselves when they have Bingo. Or, let GoBingo popup a message to both the player and the teacher.
    Small board
    Switch any player's game board from 5 squares across to 3 squares across and back again. When playing in 3-across mode the target squares are larger to improve accessibility.
    One Cell Tappable
    The teacher can set any player's board so that the player can only successfully tap the current answer. This accessibility feature is terrific for players who need to hunt-and-peck to hit their target.

For support with GoBingo please email us.