focus:MMA is for martial artists who truly want to improve. Use focus:MMA to track and review your progress over the years. Easily tag your entries so that you can later review and graph your training sessions. focus:MMA runs on both iPhone and iPad and shares your complete log through iCloud.

Over the years we learn so many little details about the arts. As those years pass by it doesn't all stay as fresh as we would like. Let focus:MMA be your secret memory aid so that you can deepen your connection with your martial arts traditions and roots.

Create your own tags to track the elements of your workouts. Your tags, your solution, your little secret.

  • Terminology, especially in foreign languages!
  • Historical facts
  • Attendance

Use smart filters and searches to see your activity and progress.

  • Track attendance
  • Graph repetitions
  • Graph workout durations
  • Graph your attendance
  • Even "Random Stops on Memory Lane"

Encourage yourself by seeing your own progress over time.

  • Unlimited Tags
  • iCloud integration
  • iPad + iPhone Version
  • Unlimited journal entries and "entry segments"
  • Share journal entries by email
  • Rate and review the quality of different workout entry segments
  • Organize your tags as you see fit (reorder ability)

focus:MMA on the iPhone
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focus:MMA on the iPad
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For support with focus:MMA please email us.