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The Backpacker Checklist - Y'know, Stuff and FAQ
Using The Backpacker Checklist
Frequently Asked Questions
What's been changing?

Using The Backpacker Checklist

  • Change the status of an item
    To change the status of an item, tap on the item on the main screen. The application "cycles" through the items that are currently allowed by the filters.
  • Status Values Allowed by Filters
    Filters are handy for limiting what's visible on the main checklist screen. Filters do not change what's on your list, they just change what is displayed on the main screen. As you change the status values by tapping them on the main screen, the application will only cycle through status values that are allowed by the filters.
  • Setting Filters and/or Deleting Items
    From the main screen you can tap "Filters" on the top left of the screen. By tapping on status values, categories and/or locations, you can limit what it displayed on the main screen. The application will display only items that are part of the checkmarked groups.
  • Organizing Categories and/or Locations
    By default the application adds your new categories to the bottom of the main screen. Ugh. If you tap "Utilities" and then tap "Organizing Categories" (or "Organizing Locations") you can change the order of the items (or rename them) to suit your preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I delete a list?
    To delete a list, tap "Utilities" and then tap the "accessory button" (the blue and white arrow on the right side) to edit the list. You can delete any list as long as it is not the currently active list.
  • I added a new category and it's all the way at the bottom...I hate that!?
    Fortunately you can mess around with the order of categories (and locations) so they appear in whatever order you like. Organizing these items is pretty easy thanks to the iPhone (see "Organizing Categories and/or Locations" above).
  • I'm really frustrated with this app...what do I do?
    Let me know what's going on. I wrote the app because I thought it would be useful for me and figured others might like it too. If you find it useful I'd be happy to hear about it. More importantly, if it's not working or you know how to make it better, I'd be delighted to have the opportunity to "win you over". Tell me about it.

What's been changing?

  • Changes in version 1.6 (submitted to Apple 20 Nov 2009)
    • Added ability to indicate that one item is to contained within another item. For example, you can indicate that "Altimeter" is in "Day Pack." Also, you can view the contents of an item. For example, you can see what is contained in "Day Pack."
    • When the status of a container (e.g., "Day Pack") is changed then the status of its contents are changed to match the status of the container. Ultimately, when you indicate that you are bringing "Day Pack" then all of its contents are set to indicate that you are bringing them too.
    • When in single-tap mode, double tap removes whole status.
    • If changing status to "Need It" or "Have It" and the quantity is 0, then it changes to 1.
  • Changes in version 1.5 (submitted to Apple 10 Oct 2009)
    • Newly added items appear in alphabetical order.
    • Fixed issue when saving weights with decimal points.
    • Fix bug when deleted down to just one category left.
  • Changes in version 1.4 (submitted to Apple 20 Aug 2009)
    • Controls over how to change the status of items.
    • Share your tips for backpacking with the community. Include your own web links if you like.
    • Upload your list to web site to print or share with your camping buddies.
  • Changes in version 1.3 (submitted to Apple 30 Jul 2009)
    • Cycle through filtered status values
    • Ability to delete a trip
    • Ability to rename categories and locations
    • Share online anonymously. If I were you, I'd check it out before I believed any of this stuff
    • Bugs: newly added item jumps around categories (I'm really, really sorry. That was lame.)
  • Changes in version 1.2.1
    • Option for index on main screen
    • Bug fixes
  • Changes in version 1.2
    • First public release