ACT Spell

1. Open the settings window by tapping on the "i" in the upper left corner of your iPad screen.
2. To create a new Word Bank, tap “Edit” from the settings window and then tap on "New word bank name" to the right of the green "+" sign. This should bring up the iPad keyboard. Type in a name for your Word Bank and tap the green “+” sign. This should take you back to the main screen of the settings window where you should see the name of your new Word Bank.
3. To delete a Word Bank, tap on “edit” in the settings window. Tap on the red "-" sign next to the word bank you wish to remove, then tap on the red "delete" button to the right of the word bank.
4. To work with a specific Word bank, select the Word Bank from the list.

a. To enter Words, tap in the “enter the word” field and type in the word. You may also enter a phonetic spelling for audio output by tapping the “Phonetic spelling” window and entering text. Tap on the green “+” to save the word in your Word Bank.

b. To delete an existing word, tap on the red “-“ sign to the left of the word and then “delete”.

5. To populate your Word Bank to the app, tap on "Make WordBank Active". The words in the word bank are randomly presented in the app for the user to spell.
6. To adjust app settings, slide the appropriate button for the setting you wish to alter.
  • Touchpoints (1 – 5)
  • Touchpoint size (40 – 270)
  • Visual Prompt (on/off)
  • Audio Prompt (on/off)
  • Capital Letters (on/off)
  • Bright background (on/off)
7. To email the developer with suggestions or feedback, tap on the “Email feedback or Suggestions” button.